Eat Real began during the pandemic of Covid-19. With the majority of the country in lock-down, we quickly realized that access to good quality fresh produce was limited.


With this in mind, Eat Real was born. Our mission was simple – to deliver real food, real fresh, real easy!


We are a group of individuals made up of innovators and forward thinkers, with the drive to constantly look at ways of making everyday life easier. We are pleased of how far we have come, yet remain committed to performing better.

We are dedicated to supporting our local growers which is why our produce is grown on our farms and sourced locally. We take pride in ensuring the highest quality fresh produce so that you don’t have to do all the work.


Our boxes have been tailored so that the contents are convenient for every lifestyle. They have been carefully designed to enable you to consume the vitamins your body requires to function efficiently. Many individuals around the country still do not have access to vital produce to keep themselves healthy and well regulated; which is why Eat Real is here for you!


From our farms to your kitchen, filled with everything you need for wholesome cooking.


Love from the team at Eat Real.


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Cambridge, 3493

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